JFMorie, Artist, Scientist

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Vintage prints, including 1980s Cibachromes, silver prints, gum prints and cyanotypes, stereo imagery, assemblage works, recent framed and unframed Giclee prints, special editions, and more!

Hand crafted Imagery

I began making work that used elements of computer imagery starting in 1983 for my MFA (See Early Artworks below).

This first gallery shows some of my latest creations, based on decades of experience.

a woman's portrait of a woman in a white dress
a woman's portrait of a woman in a white dress
a woman in a black coat in magic rain
a woman in a black coat in magic rain
In My Youth
In My Youth

Neuroluminesence 2018

Mixed Sparks 2022

Sweet Good Dear Little Girl 2023

In My Youth 2017

Let's Dress Up and Go Somewhere 2020

The Mom I Never Knew 2017

The Leannán Sídhe 2018

Artemis (Ice Queen) 2015

Road Trips in My Memories 2020

Two Girls in Their Own World 2012

Beach Days Remembered 2020

What I Learned from My Grandpa 2021

Generative Art

I have strict personal rules for using generative AI in creating artworks, which I hope makes them uniquely and truly my own. Many of these start with lines from my poetry. They are iterated until they reflect my vision and often are handworked afterwards to reach the desired end.

Beach Jewels 2020

The Worn Dress 2024

Jelly Houses 2022

Breathe 2022

Yellow Dresses 2023

Little Red Haired Girl 2020

Duckie 2024

Electricity Girl 2023

Pearls Over the Sea 2023

Each Night Precisely at Midnight 1999

When Summer Has Passed 1983

The Garden YEAR

Spirit House (back) YEAR

Spirit House (front) YEAR

Urchins 2015

Stars Come Blowing Thru Door No 8 2004

Unforgotten Room 1987


Early Artworks

MFA Thesis work from 1982-84

These prints, when available, are vintage, archival Cibachrome prints. A very limited number were printed by the artist in the early 1980s. The price reflects their originality and their scarcity.